LEER Technologies Laser Engraving Services

Leer’s Laser Engraving services promises a higher standard of quality for your product in need of finely tuned detail. Our premiere engraving technology ensures your product will stand out without the expense of traditional engraving services.

engrave serial number on airplane part
ID tags are engraved with a laser

Engrave Product Information for the Aerospace Industry

Leer’s laser engraving technology proves of critical value when creating parts of utmost intricacy and integrity.

Aircraft of nearly every kind are made up of thousands of intricately interconnected parts, most of which require identification tags, bar codes or serial numbers. Because of the nature of the environment in which aerospace parts will function, laser engraving technology remains the optimal choice for clarity and durability. Leer’s high-tech engraving technology affords deeper marks without sacrificing the integrity of products and while maintaining the kind of accuracy needed for clear labeling. In addition, Leer’s laser engraving services ensure none of the rest of the material is damaged during this process; considering a section of material will ultimately need to be remove, this is a crucial component for the final product.

The most critical aspect of any manufactured component in the aerospace industry is its quality as it relates to a high standard of safety. Leer’s laser services eliminate the possibility of abrasive damage that comes with the more traditional methods of engraving. Engraving with Leer lasers makes producing high standards of durability an ideal choice that easily adapts to a variety of metals including titanium and aluminum.

engrave a part ID number on plastic auto parts
laser engraving an auto part pump

Engrave Part Numbers for Automotive Manufacturing

Leer’s high tech engraving technology proves especially proficient within industries that require the timely processing of a wide array of parts and materials.

The automotive manufacturing industry is among the most fast-paced and innovative industries in the world. With ever-evolving, rapidly changing technologies in demand to make automobiles more powerful, safer and smarter, efficiency is key. Many of today’s automotive components require marks to go deeper than ever before, making Leer’s laser engraving technology the best option to achieve these solutions as quickly and accurately as possible.

In an industry that not only relies on innovation, but large production quantities as well, manufacturing technologies must meet mass production standards while remaining cost-efficient. Leer’s engraving services meet these highly demanding needs. Laser engraving is quickly becoming the go to standard in the production of automotive parts for fast-paced production including:

  • Traceable codes for valves used in fuel tank systems
  • Vehicle Identity Numbers (VIN) in necessary components, marks need to be permanently visible and long lasting
  • Identification codes on varieties of parts
  • Plastic components may need to be engraved with markings that won’t be removed by solvents
  • Oiled parts
  • Ball bearings and other more intricate components

Leer’s fiber laser comports to the kind of efficiency necessary to be viable on the market. Our laser technology completes the engraving process quickly, accurately and cost-effectively, providing the industry with an environmentally-friendly solution.

engrave your logo on jewelry
engrave a logo or message on any metal object

Engraving for Jewelry Manufacturing

Laser engraving can create veritable works of art particularly when it comes to engraving gold or silver within the jewelry industry.

With the demand for custom jewelry continuing to rise in the marketplace, Leer’s fiber laser services are extraordinarily applicable for industry needs. Whether functionally or aesthetically, laser engraving services have quickly become the most popular processes in jewelry manufacturing.

Leer’s fiber laser allows for extensive maneuverability and works with a wide range of materials including plastic, silicon and metal. Engraving services can be implemented on reflective materials such as metal without abrasion or loss of precision, making it of critical importance within the jewelry industry. Modern day jewelry manufacturing utilizes precious metals ranging from gold and silver, to platinum and bronze. Leer’s laser services work easily with these rare metals making the entire process as seamless as possible.

When it comes to precious metals and materials, precision remains of vital importance. Through the use of laser engraving technology, the entire process becomes computerized, eliminating the possibility of costly human error. Leer’s automated engraving service makes an innumerable amount of designs possible while achieving the highest level of precision and accuracy. Fiber laser engraving services also allow for more depth during the engraving process, meaning custom jewelry patterns will last longer and achieve greater durability.

Leer’s laser engraving services eliminate the risks of both damage as well as material waste. Laser technology is a non-contact process, effectively eliminating the kind of product damage and material waste that can occur with more traditional engraving processes, meaning higher quality at lower cost.